Prism 9.0 Preview 1

Ok I know I might start sounding like Tim Cook "This is the biggest release yet". But seriously, Pri [More]

Prism for .NET MAUI - Public Beta

Prism for .NET MAUI - Public Beta
Ok the name kind of gives it away, but Prism for .NET MAUI is now available as a Public Beta! We've been working hard the past year on Prism for .NET MAUI, and at times it felt almost impossible as every time I would catch up with the MAUI team there would be new breaking changes that made it all pointless... The great news is that .NET MAUI has finally reached a certain level of API stability and we've been able to make some incredible process along the way. You might be asking, "Isn't this really just Prism for Xamarin.Forms but built against .NET MAUI?" [More]

Source Generators an Exercise in futility

Source Generators an Exercise in futility
Some time ago I did a live stream with Jérôme Laban from the Uno Platform team on Source Generators. This actually predated a lot of the more recent excitement with the Roslyn based Source Generators that are now generally available as part of Visual Studio 16.8. As I got to learn more about Source Generators I quickly learned just how powerful they are.. because I'm lazy and dislike manually doing more than I have to (most developers I know are the same way). [More]

Using Dependency Injection Everywhere

Recently I started putting together some extensions to make my life even easier with Dependency Inje [More]

Using "Unsupported" DI Containers with Prism

Developers around the world rely on Prism to build some pretty amazing apps. When I first saw Prism [More]

Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio Mac

Several years ago when I was still just a web developer wanting to break into mobile development, I [More]

Prism 7.1 Preview 3

Today we released the 3rd Preview for Prism 7.1. This is a very significant release for us and conta [More]

Prism 7.1 Preview 1

Maintaining a library can be exceptionally difficult. As time progresses new demands arise that were [More]

.NET Standard & the New Project Format for Xamarin Developers

.NET Standard has really changed the ballgame for .NET Developers. In large part because the entire project system has experienced a revamp. [More]

Xamarin DevOps In A Box

Several Months ago I set out to make some of the most powerful Xamarin Project Templates. I've gotten a lot of feedback on the Prism QuickStart Templates and how they have accelerated Mobile Development for Developers. One of the features that has really caught the attention of so many developers is the Application Secrets generation. [More]