Source Generators an Exercise in futility

Source Generators an Exercise in futility
Some time ago I did a live stream with Jérôme Laban from the Uno Platform team on Source Generators. This actually predated a lot of the more recent excitement with the Roslyn based Source Generators that are now generally available as part of Visual Studio 16.8. As I got to learn more about Source Generators I quickly learned just how powerful they are.. because I'm lazy and dislike manually doing more than I have to (most developers I know are the same way). [More]

Demystifying the SDK Project

Demystifying the SDK Project
The new SDK Style projects really help make what's going on in the project system easier to understand and customize because it's not polluted by a lot of insanity. [More]

.NET Standard & the New Project Format for Xamarin Developers

.NET Standard has really changed the ballgame for .NET Developers. In large part because the entire project system has experienced a revamp. [More]

Prism Quickstart Templates

So you had this great idea for an app... maybe you spent weeks planning with your team or with your client. The day finally comes to create the project. Suddenly you realize that we have this new .NET Standard thing and you want to take advantage of it. [More]

A Dot Net Developer on a Mac

Recently I had a chance to attend a meetup here in San Diego. To be honest, around other developers [More]

Prism Forms 6.3.0 Highlights

For those following Prism 6.3, it's been a while coming, but there is a lot there. Here are a few he [More]

Writing Cleaner, More Concise Code with Fody

We've all written code that we looked at and said, "Wow this sucks". It's not necessarily that the c [More]

Using Popup Pages with Prism for Xamarin Forms

So often as mobile developers we use some sort of Popup view. Really the reasons why we want to do t [More]

.NET Debug - Remote Debugging Setup

.NET Debug - Remote Debugging Setup
We all might try to pretend that the code we wrote is perfect and will never break, but if there is [More]