Privacy Policy

Cookies & Tracking

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. I'm not a large corporation, this is a personal blog. I don't have time to track anything specific to you. This site does make use of Google Analytics and Google Ads. They may track you, but I personally do not nor do I care to.

Comments & Accounts

In order to leave a comment on a post you must create an account. Again I don't have time to care about what you're doing. Your password will be hashed for your protection. Your information from creating an account is never shared.

Post Notifications & Mailing List

You may optionally sign up for notifications when I release a new blog post. This is now handled by MailChimp. If you previously received notifications the old mailing list has been retired so as to give you the ability to unsubscribe in the future so as to better comply with anti-spam laws.


I said before I'm not a large corporation. I sincerely don't give a shit enough to do anything with your info to even try to get it. If you're using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Microsoft then you should have no issues here. Cheers.