Having gotten my start developing webpages in the late 90's, I have a vast degree of experience from solo development, to leading teams locally and internationally. After years of web development, I changed my focus to specialize in Cloud and Mobile in 2014. Over the years I have had the privilege of working with and leading teams locally and abroad. I have a vast degree of experience working with everything from Linux to Windows Server. I maintain a private server with Windows Server Datacenter and a full cluster of VM's providing a variety of HA services, including load balancers, and utilize both LAMP and WISA stacks. 

Awards & Community Involvement



  • Windows Server
  • macOS
  • Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberrian...)


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL


  • C#
  • .NET Standard / Cross Compilations
  • Xamarin Forms
  • PowerShell
  • Bash

Other languages I am familiar with but do not actively develop with.

  • Java
  • PHP
  • PERL
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • Arduino

Web Technologies

Note while I am familiar with these technologies I do not work with these daily.

  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Node.JS

Open Source Projects

Recent Projects

  • Prism Template Studio & Developer Toolkit for Visual Studio Mac. This contains numerous templates for developing Xamarin Forms apps, Prism Modules, Unit Tests, and UI Tests. Includes custom integrations with App Center and VSTS. 
  • Worked with a health and wellness company in an advisory role to help facilitate their mobile development. This included guidance on how to develop a modular app to allow multiple teams to collaborate across multiple parts of an app. Created custom templates, tooling, and common libraries to help the development teams.
  • Developed internal use application for Tier-3 regional ISP. This includes functions 
  • Developed a reusable and extensible Micro Service Framework library based loosely on AspNetCore, using DryIoc as a Dependency Injection container. Written using netstandard, the library provides cross platform functionality, having been developed on Mac, and with actual deployments on Linux.
  • Developed library for Xamarin Forms and Prism with support for iOS, Android, and UWP. Library developed to further simplify Prism projects by allowing automatic service registration and View/ViewModel registration. Provides various tools, and controls. Uses VSTS with automatic static code analysis and builds for PR’s with full packaging to VSTS feed on merge.
  • Consulted with local company that required an iOS app with integration into their existing Billing/Fulfillment systems.
  • Consulted with an Auction House with multiple locations across the country. Developed Cloud Solutions for their existing Websites, API’s and Database Servers that included a multi-region deployment with Azure Hosted Virtual Machines with SQL Server, as well as a CDN and App Service. Facilitated migration of several internal use libraries from .Net 4.5 to PCL. Wrote several new libraries for them that included custom tooling, and controls for Android and iOS. Rewrote their existing iOS app from Objective-C to take full advantage of Xamarin Forms using the Prism MVVM framework. Helped their internal team uncover numerous short comings in their existing processes from server and storage systems, to Source Control, to Testing, to Versioning with the help of an internal NuGet feed.
  • Refreshed the website for a Regional Magazine. This included migrating the old site resources from providing a static site using Flash, to a Database driven design using Entity Framework Core. Publications were transformed from Flash to using a Bootstrap compatible javascript library making the site friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. The site was integrated with VSTS for CI/CD with development, stage and production environments. The site was also integrated to utilize Azure Storage with an Azure CDN for static resources.
  • Various testing of ASP.Net 5 and EF 7 going back to Beta 1. Testing has included deployment across a variety of hosts including Azure, IIS on Windows Server, and running on Linux. Test projects have included the use of a variety of frameworks including the WebHooks beta for hooking into services like Stripe and BitBucket. Also, deployed AspNetCore site on a Raspbery Pi Docker Swarm.
  • Local implementation of Kudu on private server. The implementation is installed across two IIS servers using DFS Replication groups and a Shared Configuration. This is meant to provide Azure like Kudu functionality while eliminating the installation of the Windows Azure Pack, and the full System Architecture required for the Websites component. This gives the developer, the benefits of using a system like Kudu On-Prem while only having the system architecture of one or more IIS Servers.
  • Developed a system administration GUI that would allow you to administer remote systems and apply Windows Updates across systems. These could be independent, domain based, located On-Prem, In-Cloud, or a complete mixture.

Other Notable Experience

  • Have worked across a variety of sectors with clients that were Real Estate Investors, Brokers, Lenders, Trade Associations, Law Offices, Small Businesses, Media, Warehouses, Auction Houses, Automotive, ISP’s, Healthcare, Startups etc
  • Have helped several clients migrate workloads to the Cloud from Office 365 to Azure
  • Have consulted with struggling teams to help them adapt to Agile Development with functional Dev Ops, and to help teams get away from “We can’t do ‘…’, because ‘…’ is on vacation”
  • Have worked with developers and teams domestically and internationally.
  • Lead both the internal and international teams while on the road 25+% of the time
  • Acted as a Direct point of contact for Microsoft’s Server & System Center Teams for a Data Center
  • Transformed the developer environments from week long manual provisioning/setup, to being setup and maintained by Puppet allowing the development of new environments within minutes
  • Saved a 2-year conversion of a Customer Panel from Perl to PHP, later upgrading it from XHTML standards to HTML5 with Bootstrap for Mobile Compatibility
  • Introduced updated, and more extensible Product system to allow new or updated product offerings to be more easily added
  • Took over, and saved a major project a company had been working on, in which 7 Microsoft Cloud MCSE’s had failed to properly configure and launch a private Microsoft Cloud powered by Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Windows Azure Pack and integrate provisioning and billing with the existing customer panel.